Monday, 9 March 2009

Supermarket lovin'

We at Wedge adore our new supermarket on Lower Marsh in Waterloo. Wedge people loving a supermarket, you ask? Greensmiths is what we would describe as the perfect example of such a store – a butcher/baker/greengrocer/coffee specialist/wine and grocers, with a superb cafe attached (with just the longest table – ideal for meetings). They have brought together the Ginger Pig, the Old Post Office Bakery, Solstice greengrocer, Caffe Antica and the Waterloo Wine Company to provide almost all of your staples for your weekly shop - no fishmonger or cheesemonger as yet, but I'm sure they're on their way. The meat pies, pates, croissants, cakes and chocolates are delicious, as is the soup for lunch, or the toast and home-made marmalade for breakfast. We need more of these shops, where you can buy good quality nourishment, enjoy a friendly atmosphere and know that they care about their customers. And they don’t hog the high street. Take a peek!

The shop is open Monday to Fri: 0800 to 2000 and on Saturday: 0800 to
1800. Check them out on their website:

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