Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Local Shops Make a Heart-Warming Christmas

In this day of superstores, rushed and faceless online shopping, it is easy to forget what Christmas is all about. Some of our Wedgers have been re-inspired and injected with that Christmas spirit, and all they did was take a five minute walk to their local high street. Here are two stories to hopefully inspire you to shop locally this Christmas:

Camden is bustling this time of year and one of our Wedgers was struggling in a large organic wholesaler, with last-minute food purchases on her list. Cranberry sauce: an essential item which is inevitably sold out during the festive season. She shouldered her way through the hungry crowd and found an employee hurriedly restocking the diminishing pile of home-made mince pies. Querying him about the absence of cranberry sauce and also the alternative red currant jelly, she finished her shopping and queued to pay, without either. In the line she suddenly turned to a heavy tap on her shoulder. The employee, large grin on his face dropped a large jar of fresh cranberry sauce into her basket. He had found a stray bottle in his storeroom and had been looking for the lucky Wedger for fifteen minutes! It is tiny acts like this which make not only our shopping experiences special, but they also lift our spirits- especially Christmas spirits.

Another one of our busy little last-minute Christmas Wedgers was trying to buy a Christmas stocking for a party the next day. This, surely, was an item which is never out of stock she thought. Along her local Barnes High Street she searched hurriedly for a stocking, having bought everything to stuff it with previously. She came across a beautiful stocking hanging in the window of an independent gift store crammed with trinkets and delicate presents. Inside, she searched the shelves for this festive miracle but she could not find the stocking anywhere. The shopkeeper, with a warm smile that nearly swallowed her entire face explained that she bought if from another shop and it was only a display. But it did not end here; the shopkeeper took the stocking down from her festive display and sold it to the ecstatic Wedger.

This is what Christmas is all about; going out of your way just that little bit for somebody else. And your local high street is the perfect place to inspire Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas!

Written by Lauren Ottaway

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