Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Take your Lunch to the Park

Buds are blossoming, birds are tweeting (and the rest of the world is too), days are getting longer and dresses are getting shorter; spring is upon us! But a lot of people, including us in the basement in Lower Marsh, struggle to see the sun and get our daily hit of Vitamin D. We have a small luxcrete behind a curtain where the new spring rays fight to get through, but that is all the sunshine we get here at Wedge. We have improvised by plastering a lush green forest to the back wall, and dotted our office with palms and greenery; but this is not enough when you enter the basement leaving the beautiful sunshine behind.

We have a lunch rota where we take turns in making lunch for the team, which means everyday we get a different home-cooked meal and save a wedge at the same time. Yesterday our Wedger on lunch duty, Claire, suggested a Wedge picnic. What a brilliant idea we all thought! She popped up to our local independent grocer, Greensmiths and bought:
1. 1 loaf of brown bread
2. 1 tasty cucumber
3. 1 block of mature cheddar cheese
4. 8 boxes of apple juice
5. 8 big red juicy apples
6. 8 packets of crisps

We each had a little packed lunch to take to the local Waterloo Millennium Park and Chrissy’s yoga mats (because she was off to teach yoga later that night). Sat on a grassy knoll, in between the huge, fiery tulips and daffodils worshiping the sun, we devoured our sandwiches in daylight, our skin prickling with natural heat, rather than the bar heaters beside our desks. This was a natural boost to our day.

It was inspiring to sit outside all together for lunch. There is something about a sunny spring day that makes you breathe in a little deeper, hold your head up a little higher, and forge that wintery frown into a blossoming smile.

We urge you to open your plastic-wrapped sandwiches in a park today with your colleagues and enjoy the warming weather. Fresh air and rosy cheeks can change the perspective of your office in an instant. And you may even discover something about the street you work on during the bustling lunch hour. Instead of running in and out of the sandwich shop and then back into the office, take your time and sit somewhere to watch your street go by.

We will certainly be taking advantage of this every sunny day in Lower Marsh, so you may just happen to us see enjoying our lunch in the park.

Written by Lauren Ottaway

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