Friday, 20 May 2011

Parliamentary Improvements to the High Street

We think it is great news that Mary Portas has been asked by David Cameron to help save our high streets. The main aim is "to address soaring shop vacancy rates, prevent the proliferation of "clone towns" dominated by familiar big names and boost the number of small and independent retailers in town centres."(Full article available here.)

Wedge are doing our bit to save London high streets, but this high profile initiative will hopefully encourage more nationwide local shopping.

Shops are being forced to close every week all over the UK, and we are all losing out. Independent shops add so much to communities, this is often only noticed when it is too late.

Independent shops offer fantastic customer service. These businesses mean everything to the owners, so they strive to offer the best service possible and are often experts, so can give customers invaluable advice.

As well as great advice and service, independent shops are very often cheaper than chain stores and can also often stock unusual items. Many will even order a specific item in for a customer, something which is unlikely in bigger shops.

We are excited to see what plans Mary unveils and are totally behind the initiative to improve the high street – as we always say......EVERY LITTLE SHOP HELPS.

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