Friday, 12 August 2011

The Wombles of London

This week we have seen a hoard of devastating images of London. The riots have destroyed an enormous amount of homes and businesses, of which a huge majority were independent.

However, alongside these horrific images, have been ones of hope and community. Brooms being held up high in solidarity as London has come together to clean up the mess caused.

Throughout this week, several clean up operations have been taking place all over the capital, with people from all age groups and backgrounds joining forces to help London get back on its feet. A real sense of community and pride has been demonstrated and the feeling of hope restored, which is wonderful to see.

Gestures of goodwill have flooded in as well. Free food and drink has been given to the volunteers during their clear up mission. MyBuilder is co-ordinating more than 300 tradesmen to donate half a day's labour free of charge to help victims of the riots. £22,000 was donated from members of the public to the Malaysian student Ashraf Rossli who was attacked, robbed and hospitalised during the riots.

There are still plenty of ways to help, financially and non-financially via these websites:

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