Friday, 14 December 2007

Get the shopping experience you deserve

We know that life is busy/expensive/difficult/confusing. We know that there are so many things to think about and reasons the world is going to ruin (and it always seems to be our fault!). We don’t want to add to your burden, we want to lighten the load. We want shopping to be fun, good value, full of wondrous products - the kind of experience you deserve. In our journey through local shops we have discovered some real gems, enclaves of Indy brilliance and really sweet shopkeepers that will make your shopping experience just brill. And it is these that we want to share with you.

If you need further convincing just look at some of the independent experiences you could be having this Xmas with a Wedge Card:

Get that vintage style with a free wardrobe style makeover at Butterfly Girl in Brentford. (Plus 10% off over £85)

Walk your way to good health, hearty times and new experiences with the Ramblers association. (20% off membership)

Sauciness comes in good taste and welcoming surroundings at the sex shop Sh! in Hoxton Square. The staff are friendly and the women only door policy (men can only come with a woman) makes it even more so. (10% off, excluding books & tampons)

Cycle fanatics will impart wise words and good gear to you at Two Wheels Good in Stoke Newington. (10% off)

Have a drink at the neighbourly a real local pub The Three Kings in Farringdon.

Feeling stuffy/groggy/fluey or hung-over seems a prerequisite for Xmas. Your local pharmacy is the place to head. We’ve got 9 on Wedge:

You could be boogying with the boogiest band on earth - The Earthlights Boogie Band (5% off).

You can start all of your New Year’s get-fit, get-healthy-, de-stress and generally loved up with your mind and body early at Breathe…Mind, Body, Spirit Studio in SE1. (10% off).

There. Job done!

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Anonymous said...

I went Christmas shopping. Aaargh. Oxford Street was truly horrible. Luckily I found my way to Blade Rubber Stamps in Bloomsbury, and Persephone Books in Lambs Conduit Street. These two shops aren't part of Wedge, but you should try to sign them up. It was such a relief to find small (really small!) shops, selling only a few, specialised things. These people are selling what they know and love, and nothing else. No rubbish, and no pressure to buy things you don't want/need. That's what shopping should be about.