Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Wedge Card invades East End

Our wee Wedge is one year old.

In celebration we decided to bring everything we’ve learnt together in a week long Shop Local Challenge we hosted in Hackney last week. Our Wedge team took to the streets to entice people with cookies and stickers into talking our Shop Local challenge, because we have found that when people try their local shops more often than not they love them.

Here is what my mum said about her challenge:
‘I always go to Café Nero in Twickenham, It’s my routine and they have good coffee. I have to say I’m really anxious about getting a good coffee and have always been reluctant to try independent shops in case they weren’t good. But under the duress of the Shop Local Challenge I visited a little Italian café with my daughter and grandson in Twickenham lanes. The coffee was spectacular but the best thing was the Italian lady who ran it and one of her customers loved my grandson and played with him so my daughter and I could relax and chat. It was a really good find.’

We hope everyone who took the challenge found equally good gems.

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