Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Treat your old man...

Father's Day is fast approaching (it's this Sunday, 19th June if you had forgotten!)

So, if you are having a last minute panic and racking your brains for what to give your Dad, here are a few fail safe present ideas (and with these discounts, it wont break the bank either...bonus).

1. CD or vinyl from Sounds (W11) - 10% off all items

2. DVD from Video City (W11) - 10% off

3. Chocolate from Rococo (W1) - 10% off

4. Book from London Review Bookshop (WC1A) - 10% off books

5. Cheese from La Fromagerie (W1U)- 10% off cheese products

Don't forget to get a card too! Save 10% at South Bank Cards (SE1) who have a great selection.

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